Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Apple in the Future

Most of the made-up gadgets above still sound very much like science fiction, but some of them are actually coming to reality. So far we have already heard mobile makers are trying to produce smartphones with foldable screens; and video eyewear products exist no longer only in our minds. We are in the age of technology when every single thought has the potential to be actualized no matter how bizarre it may appear at first. So don’t be surprised if you find one of them becomes available in the market one day.

Even if the technology cannot keep up with our fertile imagination at the moment, we can still make use of some add-ons on the market to further benefit from our cell phone. Many of them, like iPhone 5 accessories, might not be groundbreaking enough blow your mind, but are certainly great complements to make your mobile experience a blast!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The New Android: Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

It appears that the new version of the Android operating system is going to be stuck with the current name for a little bit longer. Google has just announced an update on its mobile OS and named it neither Key Lime Pie, nor Kandy Cane, but simply Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. While the lack of newness in the name may let some people down, a number of new features included in the upgraded OS are awesome enough to cheer Android fans up.

1. Photo Sphere Camera
Google has made use of some of its Street View camera techniques and come up with a new camera app, Photo Sphere, in Android 4.2. It allows you to capture 360-degree panoramas. Once you have created your own panoramas, you can choose to share them on Google+ or contribute them to Google Maps for the whole world to see.

2. Gesture Typing
Swiftkey is old-fashioned. Using Gesture Typing, you can now type by gliding your finger over the letters. The smart keyboard will automatically add a space every time you lift your finger after each word. It will also try to figure out what you want to type, so you don’t even have to finish your sentence by typing but by selecting the suggested words.

3. Multiple Users Support
Now this is a really pioneered function that lets the tech giant beat its competitors to the punch. With the innovative feature, everyone is able to set up and customise his/her own account on the same tablet (yes, tablets only). You can have your own homescreen, background, widgets, apps, games, etc on the tablet. And the new Android has made things far easier—you don’t even need to log in and out to switch between users. So stop being stingy and share your tablet!

4. Wireless Display
Whatever it is on your screen, be it a movie, a YouTube video or a game, Android 4.2 allows your device to stream it directly to an HDMI-enabled TV. Get the wireless display adapter ready and connect it to your telly. Now you can enjoy your multimedia collection on the big screen.

5. Google Now
The app tells you all the information you want to know well before you ask! Everything from weather, train information and restaurant reservations to package tracking, surrounding attractions and location-aware show times are covered. With the app, you will never miss a beat in your life.

Fascinating, right? The new OS will first power the LG-made Nexus 4 and the Samsung-made Nexus 10, both of which will be launched in the UK on 13 November. Let’s wait and see how it performs.


Friday, October 26, 2012

10 Ways to Improve Your Android Phone Security

You may have read the article of mobile malware we delivered last time and are fretting about your Android smartphone being at risk. Well, stop upsetting yourself as today we are going to show you some ways to safeguard your Android handset.

How does malware work on your device?

Before we start, it is better to learn more about our enemy. Mobile malware attacks an Android device by means of attack vectors, which allow hackers to raise permission levels and gain access to the data on the device so as to produce malicious outcomes. Examples of attack vectors are viruses, email spam, bogus SMS, questionable websites and untrusted apps. After the malware gets onto the device, it can jeopardize the user in various ways such as stealing credentials, tallying phone calls then sending them to cybercriminals, as well as sending expensive text messages behind the user’s back. 

Dos and Don’ts

1. Set a PIN, password or a pattern as the screen lock to avoid the wrong people from accessing your phone. Use the built-in encryption to encode your data and settings so that no one can get access to your device via the USB port.

2. Avoid keeping too much personal information on your device. Sensitive personal data such as credit card details and account passwords should be kept in encrypted files.

3. Don’t download random apps. Although the Android OS allows you to download and install apps basically from everywhere, it is unwise to put everything on your device, especially those from unknown sources. Instead, install apps only from the official Play Store. That is not to say that the Store itself is foolproof, but, you know, better the devil you know than the devil you don't know.

4. Read twice before you download an app. There are fake apps created to imitate popular mainstream apps, with their name closely resembling the genuine version. Not all duplicates are evil-minded, but even so, you would want to play it safe and avoid installing them.

5. Disable the ‘Unknown sources’ option in the security settings if possible. This can block installation of non-Market apps on your device.

6. Think twice before you root your device in order to install a custom ROM. While a custom ROM allows more freedom and lets your Android device runs more efficiently, there is always the other side of the coin—malware can manipulate the operating system to obtain root permission and install software on your device without your consent.

7. Avoid using unencrypted Wi-Fi hotspots as someone may snoop through your personal data using packet-sniffing software.

8. Install an anti-malware app on your device to make sure it is well-protected. Here are some effective anti-virus and anti-malware apps: Lookout Security & Antivirus, Kaspersky Mobile Security, and McAfee Antivirus & Security.

9. Always keep your device up to date on the latest firmware. Firmware updates can improve your phone performance as well as provide better protection.

10. If you unfortunately lose your handset, use apps such as Lookout, Track&Protect and Where's my Droid, to help you track your phone. You may also use the apps to remotely lock the device or even wipe the data on it.  


Friday, October 19, 2012

Stocking up on iPhone and iPad Accessories and Apps

There is no shortage of impressive phones on the market these days. Getting your hands on one might make you keen to stock up on some superb accessories that are capable of making the most of your handset. For example, a fitting mobile phone cover can keep your device safe and sound.

In addition to mobile accessories, there are lots of applications available to help you boost the functionality of your handset. Recently, the Guardian ran an article drawing attention to some of the latest, hottest iPhone and iPad apps on the market. Here are a few of them:

Taking astonishing photos

One of the apps it focussed on was Camera+ for the iPad, which has already proved a big hit on the iPhone by racking up more than nine million sales. About the creation, the article stated: “Who takes photos with their iPad? Well, some people, but the real appeal here is the use of iCloud to access photo shots using the iPhone version, with a range of editing features exclusive to the iPad version.”

Putting your dancing shoes on

Another offering featured in the publication was the Fancy Nancy Ballet School app compatible with both the iPhone and iPad. Fancy Nancy is the protagonist of a popular series of HarperCollins children’s books. The star has already featured in two other apps and this version is predominantly an educational ballet app.

The newspaper suggested that youngsters can watch Nancy perform 11 moves and steps, string them together into whatever sequence they like and practice the routines themselves. They can even shoot footage of their own dancing and then digitally insert Nancy into the video to see how accurate their dancing is.

Getting around

Another product that you may be interested in is Insight Guides World Cities, available on both the iPhone and iPad. The travel-guide app is free, with ten city guides available to buy in-app at £3.99 each. They include listings of businesses, tourist hotspots and hotels.

Getting inside Einstein’s mind

NMHMC Harvey is an iPad-only academic app that digitises the images of Albert Einstein’s brain. The pictures are based on the autopsy conducted in 1955 when the organ was segmented into 170 parts for study by neuroscientists. Intended for both scientific experts and enthusiastic amateurs, this app is certainly out of the ordinary.

Getting practical

Another app that you might take your fancy to is FixYa: Solutions for Everything. Intended for both the iPhone and iPad, this app provides information on how to mend things. As the Guardian has remarked, it shows you how to “fix dehumidifiers, lubricate lawnmowers, nail things onto other things without the other things being your own leg.”

Stocking up on accessories

Of course, practical mobile add-ons are just as important as apps. Here at, we understand the importance of having the right accessories for your handset. Whether you need a new iPhone battery, iPad charger or anything else, you should be able to find them on our website. We ensure that you have access to all the best extras for your mobile or tablet so that you can really get the most out of it. Now would be your perfect time to take a look around our online catalogue.


Staying Safe on the Roads with Mobile Phone Car Kits

You might hate being incommunicado and so whenever your mobile receives a text or call, it is second nature to pick it up and check it. The problem is, if you are driving, this action could be disastrous: You are more likely to be involved in an accident if you use your handset while you are behind the wheel. Also, using a handheld phone while driving is illegal in the UK that you could face prosecution if you are caught.

The stark reality

Recently, the Derby Telegraph conducted an experiment in which their photographers positioned themselves outside city schools to capture bad mobile-phone related driving behaviour. In total, six motorists were spotted holding phones while driving past the schools.

One man was pictured just 50 metres from the front gates of Merrill College near Moorhead Primary School holding his mobile while driving a van.

At the same location over the course of one hour, the photographers spotted three more drivers breaking the law in this way.

A warning

Commenting on the photographs, Chief Inspector Steve Wilson, head of road policing in Derbyshire, said: “These photographs appear to show people using their mobile phones, which is against the law, but even holding a phone and therefore not having proper control of a vehicle would lead to prosecution.”

 “Using mobile phones while driving is one of the fatal four factors and there is a proven link between serious and fatal accidents when using a mobile phone," added Wilson. “Using a phone means drivers are not able to stop as quickly as when they have their full attention on the road. It’s bad enough that the drivers put themselves at risk, never mind other people and especially young children outside schools.”

Sourcing the perfect products for road safety

The good news is, there is an easy way around this problem. By investing in mobile phone accessories designed for in-car use, you will be able to stay connected to friends, family and colleagues while you are on the roads.

Here at UK.cellphoneshop we sell a variety of products that allow you to use your mobile hands-free in your car, keeping you safe and on the right side of the law. To see the impressive array of items we have to offer, just take a look at the car kits section of our website. Whether you are after HTC accessories, Samsung accessories or anything else, you should be able to find them.

Our car kits and car speakerphones can be easily and securely mounted to your vehicle’s sun visor, air vents, steering wheel and other places without obstructing your view. Meanwhile, the amazing audio quality they deliver will help ensure that you can communicate without difficulty.

Affordable prices

Spending lots of cash on these items may be out of the question for you at present. The cost of motoring keeps rising, so using up even more of your budget on driving-related items is far from ideal.

Luckily, our products represent superb value for money, meaning you won’t have to blow your budget to get what you need.

To check out our full range of products, just take a look around the rest of our website.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Power of 4G

Mobile communication technology is inseparable from our lives in almost every aspect. From taking photos and sharing them on social networking sites to researching and buying products online, our smartphone is always the thing we rely on. 

Engineers and scientists have long been working on ways to enhance consumers’ mobile experience by inventing and improving not just mobile hardware and software but also peripheral accessories. From displays and apps to phone chargers, everything is constantly changing and adapting to the needs and preferences of users.

UK’s first 4G network

And very soon, we will be able to take advantage of another revolutionary mobile innovation. By the end of this month, Britain will have a 4G network as EE, the country’s largest operator, will launch the service in a total of ten cities. This will enable Britons to open web pages in a fraction of a second and watching TV in high definition on their smartphones, an article on the Guardian noted.

As good as desktops

The article went on to state: “In essence, 4G is a way of squeezing larger amounts of data over radio waves. Essentially it turns your phone into a device with links to the internet as good as a desktop computer’s - in theory making watching BBC iPlayer, video calling or multi-player gaming just as seamless on the move as it is at home.”

Meanwhile, James Barford, telecoms expert at Enders Analysis, remarked: “Technology-wise, 4G is an evolution. The latest version of 3G is quite close in performance to the current 4G. That said, EE’s network will be virtually empty for at least six months, so the speeds experienced are likely to be impressive.”


However, Ernest Doku from price comparison site uSwitch suggested that many consumers will hold back for a while before jumping onto the 4G boat. He stated: “The early adopters, who have to have the latest and greatest technology, will switch to EE because it has the service first, but a lot of consumers could be prepared to sit on their hands.”

Getting the most from your phone

Whatever phone and network you are using, it is important to make the most of your handset and this is where mobile accessories come into their own. For example, you might want to enhance the look and longevity of your handset by investing in protective covers.

Here at UK.cellphoneshop we sell a whole range of items that may be just what you are looking for.

Competitive prices

Whether you are after iPhone 4 accessories, Motorola accessories or any other items, you can rest assured that you will benefit from excellent value for money.

We offer unbeatable prices and even implement a Lowest Price Guarantee policy, under which we will match any price on the web and even deduct an extra ten per cent from your order on the original price discrepancy if you find the same products are cheaper elsewhere.

See for yourself

To check out our impressive range of items for yourself, just take a look around the rest of our website. You will not be disappointed.


Monday, October 15, 2012

5 Best Free Entertainment Apps for iPhone and Android Phones

Having a bad day? today picks out five best entertainment apps in the marketplaces to gee you up. They are all free apps compatible with both iPhone and Android phones. Get them installed on your device and make your mobile experience a total blast!

1. StumbleUpon
Sometimes you are just too bored yet too lazy to move your body. The only amusement you can think of is to lie on your couch and play with your smartphone. That’s the time when you find StumbleUpon your best pal. The app is just like a map; only it is not directing you in our real-life world but on the Web. Here is how it works. You Stumble through the Interests (500+) that are well categorized by the app and tell it your likes and dislikes by thumbing up or down. Then you wait and let the app do the rest for you. It will show you all the entertaining stuff related to your tastes and interests. Web pages, photos, videos, articles and more, you are ready for an adventure down the road.   

2. Schemer
Remember that time you got so bored but couldn’t come up with an entertaining plan? That won’t ever happen again if you have Schemer. Pick the schemes that you fancy doing and collect them on Schemer. Next time when you are drained of ideas for fun, the app will just come to help. From hiking the ruins of the city to taking a mixology course, Schemer keeps you up to date on new stuff around you. It can even suggest you schemes according to the environment, like watching a film at home if it is a rainy day. Pick a scheme and chill this weekend with your buddies.

3. Stitcher
Would you like to listen to radio on your own schedule instead of the schedule of the stations? Are you exhausted of jumping from station to station just to catch up with your favorite program? With Stitcher, you can create your own customized stations, and listen to them whenever and wherever you like. The smart radio “stitches” together your favorite talk shows, comedy shows, sports, news and so on into personalized stations and saves them for your later access. It also recommends you new shows according to your listening activities. With over 6,000 radio shows broadcast by NPR, CNN, Fox, BBC, WSJ and many others, you got the whole world of talk radio at your feet.

4. ShopSavvy
Amid fragile economy, you would want to save every penny in your pocket. Now you can be really savvy when you do your online shopping with ShopSavvy. The barcode scanner helps you find products at their lowest online or local prices by searching across retailers in North America and Europe. You can also check out shipping promos, coupon codes, discounts, sales and more on the app to get the best value for your money. To make your shopping experience even more convenient, you can either choose to buy online or shop locally. Install the app on your smartphone for smarter shopping today!

5. IMDB Movies & TV
If you are a TV or movie nut, don’t miss out on this app. IMDB Movies & TV is an app carrying the most comprehensive collection of movie, TV and celebrity information. You can find literally everything, such as movie showtimes, trailers, photo galleries, TV listings, recaps of TV shows, latest entertainment news, latest DVD releases and movie reviews. Where else do you need to go when all the information about your favorite shows or actors/actresses is at your fingertips? 


Review: The New iPad (Apple iPad 3)—a huge leap from iPad 2

It becomes almost a must-do: whenever there is a new generation of something, we can’t help making comparison with its previous version. So now here comes the New iPad 3 and of course everybody will stretch their neck to see if there is any difference between the new generation and the old one. In terms of size and appearance, the two look more or less the same. Yet, some boosts in specs can still be seen in the iPad 3.

Display: The Retina Display
The Retina Display is the New iPad’s core selling point. Even with the same size as the screen of iPad 2, the high-resolution display features a 2048-by-1536 resolution, 44 percent greater color saturation and 3.1 million pixels (264 pixels per inch) powered by the A5X chip. In case you don’t know: the iPad 2’s display features a 1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch, which is only one-fourth of the pixels of the new generation. Sporting the highest resolution as well as pixel density among the tablet market, the iPad 3 is irrefutably the tablet with the best screen. Sharper text, crisper pictures and more vivid videos, the superb screen brings everything on the device to life.

Camera: The iSight Camera
Apple’s engineers have given the New iPad a boost in its camera up to 5 megapixels for still images and 1080p for HD videos. This is a huge upgrade considering its predecessor only features a 0.7MP/720p rear camera. Together with a backside illumination sensor, an f/2.4 aperture and a five-element lens, the iPad 3 does a pretty job of capturing stunning photos. While you may still frown on the front-facing VGA camera, the greatly improved rear camera certainly makes up for the weak spot.

Connection: 4G LTE
The New iPad is also compatible with 4G LTE—currently the fastest cellular network, provided that you are living in an LTE-supported area in the US and Canada, as well as the UK starting from October 30. The 4G addition is certainly a piece of wonderful news for people who are on the move all the time as they can get online wherever they go. Just to give you an idea of the speed: 4G download speed is three times faster than that of 3G.

Other improvements: A5X processor, Siri and Bluetooth 4.0
The New iPad has 1GB RAM, which is double the RAM of the iPad 2, and features a new processor, the A5X chip. Make no mistake, it is still running the same dual-core CPU as before. It is the GPU that differs—growing from two cores to four cores and meaning a gain in the graphics performance. Another thing on the new iPad, which probably makes iPad 2 owners jealous, is Siri the voice command assistant. Also, the iPad 3 incorporates Bluetooth 4.0, with low-energy technology as its hallmark.  

To sum up, if you don’t own a tablet and want to lay your hands on one, you better go straight to an Apple Store nearby and grab an iPad 3 for yourself. It is the best choice in the tablet market.


Monday, October 8, 2012

A Mozilla Firefox OS-Based Smartphone on the Horizon

ZTE, the world’s 4th largest mobile vendor, has announced that it is working on a Firefox OS-based smartphone that is likely to hit store shelves either at the end of this year or early next year. ZTE Executive Vice President He Shiyou disclosed the plan to journalists in a press event recently, telling not many details on the device though.

The Chinese company currently offers both Android and Windows Phone devices on the market. The plan is seen as a move to diversify the manufacturer’s portfolio. "We are trying to increase our efforts in coming up with our own operating system, while introducing products based on Android," explained ZTE Director of Corporate Branding & Communications David Dai Shu. "It's all part of our wider plans to create a better balance of products using various operating systems. We won't just rely on Android or Windows."

In fact, seeing how the patent war between Android and Apple has raged, particularly the recent battles concerning Samsung’s Android-powered devices and Apple’s iPhone, more and more smartphone manufacturers are seeking a different third-party operating platform in order to avoid getting involved in endless lawsuits with Apple. This certainly gives the Mozilla OS an edge to garner support from handset makers as well as mobile operators.

The new open-source OS is based entirely on HTML 5, meaning every phone feature can be developed as an HTML 5 application. With the hope of making app-writing an easier task for developers, Mozilla said the new phone architecture will “unlock many of the current limitations of web development on mobile, allowing HTML5 applications to access the underlying capabilities of a phone, previously only available to native applications.”

As good as the Firefox software sounds, Andriod and iOS are still the two operating systems leading the pack. Although Windows Phone is gaining momentum recently, the Apple/Android duopoly is considered to be unbreakable at the moment, which is why it will be difficult for the Firefox OS to set foot in the market. One foreseeable obstacle is to develop a mobile app market that is versatile enough to attract people to buy the handsets.

Well, it is still too early to say how the new OS will turn out. Nevertheless, one more choice is always a piece of good news for consumers.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Win an iPhone 5 with Just a Few Clicks!

Awesome news everyone: Cellphoneshop is giving away a black, 16GB version of Apple iPhone 5 to thank our customers for their long-term support. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity if you already have your eye on this red-hot gadget!

Joining this giveaway is quick and easy. You just need to complete any one of the following steps. Each of them is counted as one entry. So to have a bigger chance of winning, make sure you do all of these:
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Everyone is welcome to participate in the contest, just remember to do so before 31 October, 2012. We will then randomly pick one lucky fan from the bunch as the winner, which will be announced shortly after the deadline. After verifying the identity of the winner with his/her social networking account, we will arrange the prize delivery and have the iPhone 5 sent to his/her door.

If you have any question about the giveaway, feel free to leave us a comment below. Good luck!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fancy iPhone/iPad Accessories and App That Break the Bank

The Apple brand has changed our outlook of technology.  As an innovator in both the smartphone and tablet markets, its products can sometimes come with a hefty price tag. In turn, this leads to expensive accessories, sometimes costing more than the device itself. Here are a few iPhone and iPad accessories that are sure to break the bank.

Stuart Hughes Gold History Edition iPad 2 Case –

This iPad case is the cream of the crop, and the most expensive iPad accessory in the world with a whopping $8 million dollar price tag. What could possibly make an iPad case go for such a high price? Well aside from the gold plating on the case and the diamond encrusted Apple logo on the back, the Gold History Edition iPad 2 case has a very unique feature: a piece of a 65 million year old Tyrannosaurus Rex thigh bone. That's right. There is a shaved piece of a dinosaur bone nestled in the front plating of this golden iPad 2 case.

Geneva’s GenevaSound Home Theater System –

Not only is this one of the most expensive iPhone accessories on the market today, it is also the largest. A fully lacquered wooden cabinet with seven speakers inside, this is the largest iPhone and iPod dock available with both audio and video capabilities built in to make using the iPhone with your TV a snap. This massive dock also comes with a pretty massive price tag, with the retail price set at $3,999.00.

“I Am Rich” iPhone and iPad App –

 For $1,000 this app allows people to show the world just how wealthy they are by spending a thousand dollars on an app that does not actually do anything. All this app offers is a glowing red gem and a quote about being wealthy. Though the Apple iTunes app store has a few other apps clocking in at the $999.99 price tag, these other apps at least offer up some functionality, with most of them being for high end business and security ventures. “I Am Rich” offers zero functionality, and has no purpose beyond thinning out your wallet.

Tod’s iPad Case-

Clocking in at $4,900 for an Italian leather alligator skin case is the Tod's iPad Case. Available in several colors, these rare and expensive cases are made from actual alligator skin and carry the price tag to prove it.

So if you are a budding millionaire or a bored trophy wife with money to burn, there are iPhone and iPad accessories available that can help you show off your wealth while keeping your precious iPad, iPad 2 and iPhone safe from harm.

If you can’t afford these fancy accessories but still want to care for and accessorize your new iPhone 5? We’ve got you covered. Visit our new page for iPhone 5 accessories.

Best Headphones for Music Listeners

Looking for the perfect set of headphones to listen to music on your new iPhone 5? The technology that has gone into creating and producing the iPhone is amazing, but the headphones that come with them often leave much to be desired. Thankfully, there are some headphones available that can improve the sonic experience of portable music players considerably. Here are the best headphones for music lovers:

Klipsch Image S4

Most portable music devices come with in-ear headphones, or earbuds. While better sound quality is generally available from headphones that fit over the ears, many people love the compact convenience of earbuds. For those who prefer in-ear headphones, but do not wish to compromise on sound quality, the Klipsch Image S4 in-ear headphones are worth considering.

At approximately $80 retail, these earbuds are not inexpensive, but they are far more affordable than some high-end units. Though they are not as durable as some more expensive models, the Image S4 earbuds offer superior sound quality at a price that is affordable for many music lovers.

AKG K240 Studio Headphones

AKG has been making microphones and other audio devices for professional recording studio operations for decades, and these headphones are a great example of the quality that goes into each of the company's products.

While most music lovers do not require the sound quality that is demanded by studio professionals, they will certainly appreciate the improvement in sound that the K240 headphones can provide. They are able to reproduce sound from the full tonal spectrum with complete accuracy, and they are especially outstanding when it comes to the crucial mid range frequencies.

Although these headphones are used by professionals in studios around the world, they are affordable for the average music listener at a price of approximately $100.

Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Canceling Headphones

Bose is known as one of the world's leading innovators of audio products, and the company's Noise Canceling headphones have achieved iconic status. These headphones feature superior sound quality for music, but they also come with the added benefit of noise cancellation.

While it can be beneficial to allow outside sounds into the ears when walking around the city or exercising, some people prefer to get lost in the music while blocking all other sounds. These QuietComfort headphones give users the opportunity for full immersion in music, making them perfect for listening at home, on the plane or in a number of different environments. The headphones are more expensive than some others at approximately $300, but users say that they are worth every penny.


The three headphone models presented here are only a fraction of the available units for music lovers, but they represent the best that the audio industry has to offer. People use some of the world's most advanced technological marvels to enjoy their music, but they do not often use the best headphones. Fortunately, people who want the best music-listening experience can upgrade their headphones to enjoy music in the manner in which its creators intended.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

OnForce: IT Pros Are More Satisfied with iPhone than Android Device

A report released recently by OnForce, a cloud-based company providing service for the IT field in the US and Canada, uncovers that mobile satisfaction among IT service professionals has more to do with the handset itself than the carrier. The company interviewed nearly 900 IT pros and came up with the findings last month.

The technicians were asked about their levels of satisfaction regarding various aspects of their mobile experience. Customers of AT&T and Verizon are found to be the happiest overall with their mobile experience, with 67 percent and 66 percent, respectively, saying they are “very satisfied” with the service. Sprint follows distantly, with only 55 percent of them professing the same feeling.

When the study went further to ask the pros about their satisfaction particularly in the service a carrier offers, the responses were staggering. Despite the carrier’s high score in overall satisfaction, most of the AT&T customers are not happy with the service the telecom company provides. In fact, only 35 percent reported being “very satisfied”. Verizon edges out AT&T this time, with over half of its customers (58 percent) feeling “very satisfied” with its service. T-Mobile and Sprint follow behind with 41 percent and 35 percent, respectively.

The explanation to the above intriguing findings lies in the battle behind the scenes. Leaving aside the carriers, iPhone respondents were found to be more satisfied in most of the functionality categories (10 out of 11) surveyed than those using an Android smartphone. In addition, technicians are more loyal to the Cupertino-based company than to the search giant: iOS gained 69 scores in the Net Promoter scores, far leading the Android OS by 42 points.

The study further unveiled that the experience the iPhone delivers keeps Apple ahead of other handset manufacturers. Approximately 35 percent of the IT professionals own an iPhone and the majority in the field wish their next mobile device to be an iPhone. Statistics also showed that Samsung is building its momentum (with 20 percent share). It was however found that Samsung customers have the second lowest overall satisfaction with their cell phones.

While Apple seems to have the upper hand in the market, Peter Cannone, CEO of OnForce, remains optimistic about the future of Android smartphones. “We've seen huge demand for our recently launched Android application, which is running on 247 distinct hardware/OS version combinations – further demonstrating the incredible variety of Android devices," commented the CEO.

Review: Samsung Galaxy S3

“Inspired by nature, designed for humans”, Samsung’s Galaxy S3, hailed as the iPhone-killer, wowed the world with its state-of-the-art specifications. We are not surprised that the flagship has become the most successful mobile of the Korean company up to now. But the fact that it has hit the 20 million sales milestone within just 100 days is still astounding. Anyway, if you are still pondering to join the array of these 20 million S3 owners, this review may just come to help. Here we will highlight some of what we think are the most remarkable features of the S3:

- Display: The S3’s 4.8" display is pretty generous. Samsung calls the HD Super AMOLED display seeing reality, which is probably not exaggerated. The image quality is just mind-blowing with the nice colour saturation. You may even switch between four different colour saturation modes: Dynamic, Standard, Natural and Movie. The display excels at video playback and web browsing too, giving you superb viewing experience.

- Smart Stay: By using the front camera, the S3 knows if you are looking at the screen. The display never dims or locks when you are reading or browsing websites, bringing a great pleasure to your reading experience.

- S-Beam: This feature allows you to transfer documents and files between Galaxy S3s. By putting the backs of two S3 phones together, you can bond them together and share their content. This is a clever trick to foster brand loyalty.

- S-Voice: S-Voice lets you go totally hands-free with your voice. The feature can be used to perform basically all those usual tasks like searching the Net, making/rejecting calls, texting messages, turning your music up/down as well as setting alarms. You can also activate the camera by saying “I want to take a picture” and shoot the photo by saying “Cheese”. There is, however, plenty of room for improvement in the feature. Users found it slow to process sounds and sometimes unable to catch their commands. You may be better off using your fingers than your voice. 

- Direct Call: Direct Call is another tweak in the S3. When you are reading or texting a message and want to make a call instead, you can just lift the phone to your ear and the handset will automatically dial the person’s number for you. This is no doubt a huge invention for the lazybones.

- Pop up Play: It is a feature included in the video player. You simply drag the video window to where you want on the screen so that you can perform other tasks while still watching the video. The feature is great as it keeps you multitasking. Yet, there is a drawback—you cannot custom-size the video window.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 may not have the beauty outside—many people (including us) rolled their eyes when they first saw the design. Yet, its inner beauty is certainly impressive enough. With its gorgeous screen, powerful chipsets and top-of-the-line features, it is more than just a smartphone; it is a gadget that truly understands what we need.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Getting the Latest Tablet and Mobile Phone Accessories

One characteristic common to all mobiles and tablets at present is rigidity. You can seldom, if ever, find a flexible gadget on the market. One of the reasons for this is the batteries that the devices run on.

Bendy batteries?

The good news we are going to bring you today is that a firm is hoping to revolutionise this aspect of mobile technology. LG Chem, the chemical division of LG, has been working on a new flexible lithium-ion battery that comes in cable form. It can be twisted and even tied in knots. This not only means that future handsets could be flexible, including the mobile phone covers that come with them, but also paves the way for potentially thinner phones and tablets.

However, there is no point in holding your breath for the release of this breakthrough technology. LG has conducted tests, but it is not aiming for mass production until 2017. So, for the time being it seems as though rigid handsets will remain the standard.

Choosing the right accessories

Regardless of the time we will have to wait for bendable mobiles to become a reality, it is still amazing to see how quickly smartphone and tablet technology has been progressing. These days, there are so many different products mushrooming on the market, and thus you can find lots of superb extras to help your device operates as well as possible.

You might be on the lookout for new iPad 3 accessories or hot Samsung Galaxy S3 add-ons, such as cases, back covers, custom skins, backup batteries, docking cradles and Bluetooth keyboards. When you are looking for such accessories, it is important that you get those of top-quality. Otherwise, there is a chance you will be wasting your time and money, and end up buying something useless.

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A time and place that suits you

Shopping over an online store like ours is also highly convenient. You might peruse your options on a break at work, or maybe while you are passing the time on public transport. Of course, you can also engage in this sort of cyber-based retail therapy from the comfort of your own home.

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Riding the digital wave

There is no doubt that mobile technology will carry on developing at a fast pace. To ensure you ride the digital wave in style and make the very most of the handsets you get, it can pay off to invest in the best accessories around. From memory cards and data cables to screen protectors and phone cases, there is no shortage of options at UK.cellphoneshop. To see our full selection, just take a look around our website.